Epson EcoTank Printer Review: A Top Choice for Your Printing Needs


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If you are interested in a new printer that can save you money in the long run, then this Epson EcoTank printer review is for you. You are far from being alone; many others are also looking for an excellent printer to buy. In fact, it is estimated that $1.37 billion worth of printers and copiers will be sold in 2019.

That’s a lot of printers. And we all know that printers can cost a lot of money, depending on the features they offer.

And the spending doesn’t stop there because of the consumables that we need to buy for our printers. That includes the ink cartridges.

Running out of ink is irritating. And it’s not just because of the cost of getting replacement ink cartridges.

We want to do our share in keeping the environment clean, and ink cartridges are made of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. More than 375 million of these empty cartridges end up in landfills.

Between the cost of replacement ink cartridges and their environmental impact, the thought of printing anything can be stressful at times. So, we should look for ways to save money and the environment.

Reading this Epson EcoTank printer review is an excellent first step in that direction. Could this be the next printer to buy?

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The Epson EcoTank Supertank Printer

As a whole, humans use up a total of 11 ink cartridges per second. Epson is trying to change this with its Epson EcoTank Supertank Printers. You no longer have to buy ink cartridges; instead, you just get replacement ink bottles to refill the tank.


Any Epson EcoTank printer review will tell you that these printers share a lot of features with a few tweaks and improvements between one model to another. What features can you expect?

Printing and productivity features

Scanning or copying an entire document becomes less of a hassle because of the auto document feeder. You can copy up to 30 pages without having to put each one on the scanner manually.

These printers do a great job of scanning and printing. The ET-4760, for example, has a hardware resolution of 1,200 by 2,400 dots per inch and uses a 48-bit color input.

What these numbers mean is that your scanned photos come out sharper and with more vibrant colors than when using other scanners.

These printers also use PrecisionCore technology, which means that your printed documents come out very sharp and vibrant.

You can print up to 15 black and white or 8 color pages per minute. Further, it also offers double-sided printing.

You can also enjoy wireless printing with some models of the Epson EcoTank. You can print directly from your iPad, Android smartphone and tablets, and other compatible devices.

Saves space

Some models under the EcoTank line can replace your printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax machine. You no longer have to buy separate devices and find a place for each one.

What’s more, the printer has a compact footprint. The Epson EcoTank measures 16.4 inches by 19.8 inches by 10.0 inches. And it weighs only 15 pounds.

Works with Mac and Windows

As any good Epson EcoTank printer review article will tell you, this device works with Windows and Mac machines. It also works with Windows Server 2003 to the latest version.

Great savings

Epson promises that you will save up to 90 percent of your printing costs when you switch to an Epson EcoTank printer. Refilling ink will cost you only 1 cent per page while sticking with cartridges will cost you 20 cents per page.

What’s more, you get up to two years of ink with each replacement set. An ink set can print up to 7,500 pages in black and white, or 6,000 full-color pages.

What’s more, you don’t have to throw away a lot of cartridges. These replacement bottles will take the place of around 80 cartridges.

Other features

The Epson EcoTank works quietly, with a rated noise level of only 52 decibels. At that level, your printer will only be as loud as a quiet street or an electric fan.

Epson EcoTank printers have a color display ranging from 1.2 inches to 2.4 inches.

Models that are currently available from the Epson website

An Epson EcoTank printer review would not be complete without mentioning the different models in the current lineup.

With Epson, it’s easy to differentiate one model from the other. You start with the Epson EcoTank ET-2720, which can print, scan, and copy documents.

This model can communicate wirelessly or via a USB port. It can print up to 4,500 pages of black and white documents and 7,500 in full color.

This printer can hold up to 100 sheets of paper, and it comes with a 1.44-inch display.

If you need a printer that can print more black and white documents than full-color images and can automatically print on both sides of the paper, then go for the EcoTank ET-2760. This model can print up to 7,500 pages of black and 6,000 color pages.

Meanwhile, the EcoTank-3710 has all the features of the ET-2760 but can hold more sheets of paper in its tray and have a bigger screen at 2.4 inches. It also uses the PrecisionCore technology and can communicate via Ethernet.

Next up, you have the ET-3760, which now has the automatic document feeder. Meanwhile, the ET-4760 has all these features plus a 250-sheet paper capacity.

Epson EcoTank Printer Review: Our Process

To come up with this Epson EcoTank Printer review, we studied the information that the manufacturer provided on its website. We also considered the opinions of credible technology websites and blogs such as PCMag.

Further, we looked at the reviews left by customers on online retailers such as Amazon. Lastly, we compared and contrasted them to printers coming from the top brands in the world.

Epson EcoTank Printer Review Round-Up

The entire Epson EcoTank line has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Verified buyers report that filling the tanks with ink is easy and hassle-free. It does not spill, so there is no mess to clean.

This printer is effortless to set up out of the box, and the reviewers love the print and scan quality, as well. Others comment on its sleek looks and the off-white color that makes it an excellent device to put on display anywhere.

However, there are complaints about its expensive price tag. Some say that other printers have better color and print quality.

Some people also warn interested buyers that this printer might be a bit too noisy. Others wish that the build quality was better than what one reviewer described as “cheap and flimsy.”

Expert take

PCMag did an Epson EcoTank printer review and gave it an excellent rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

For the most part, this printer is on par with its direct competitors. It has a built-in website that shows you the status of consumables and gives you usage reports. It also has a 250-sheet drawer.

Some of the positive points include the excellent print quality. It may not be an image printer, but it gives you sharp photo printouts.

The PrecisionCore technology also helps in giving you the best printouts for text documents. This printer gives you accurate colors and detailed photos.

PCMag also says that if you want to save on running costs, then this is the perfect printer for you. PCMag praises this printer for its low cost-per-page ratings, which clocks in at 3 cents per black and white page, and less than 1 cent for color.

Then there is its auto document feeder and connectivity options. However, PCMag does note that this printer might not be ideal for big offices with a lot of printing requirements.

It also does not support flash drives, so you can’t print from a thumb drive.

Epson EcoTank Printer Review: The Competition

There are only a handful of the top printer brands that offer an ink tank system rather than rely on ink cartridges. How does the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 compare with the Brother INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet and the Canon PIXMA G2200 Megatank All-In-One Printer?

Further, let’s look at how it compares with an entry-level-priced inkjet printer like the HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Compact Printer.

1. Brother INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet

The Brother INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet uses the Inkvestment Tank System that holds more ink than the regular cartridges. Inkvestment cartridges have an internal storage tank.

This printer will let you know just how much ink you have already used and how much is left.

You can print up to 12 monochrome and 10 color pages in a minute. The paper tray can hold up to 150 sheets.

What’s more, it has an auto document feeder that can hold up to 20 pages or photos. The Brother InkvestmentTank Color Inkjet can handle two-sided printing and comes with a 2.7-inch color touchscreen display.

This Brother printer allows you to print from a variety of sources, including desktop computers, mobile devices, and even over your Wi-Fi network.

Rating and reviews

The Brother INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet gets an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 from more than 200 people on Amazon.

Verified buyers love the print quality of this device, which they say is similar to that of a laser printer. Photos look vibrant and sharp.

They also note that this printer works quietly. Plus, it’s cheaper to use this printer than other inkjet printers that use traditional cartridges.

Meanwhile, others mention the auto document feeder and the touchscreen display as their favorite features.

However, some reviewers do note that the NFC feature, which allows for one-tap printing, is not useful. That is because you can just press a button on your mobile device to print.

Others say that the black ink is powdery. As a result, printing on glossy paper makes it prone to smudges.


  • The touchscreen display is bigger than the one you see on the Epson ET-4760
  • Auto document feeder and duplex printing
  • Excellent print quality


  • Holds only 150 sheets in the paper tray
  • Printing on glossy paper may lead to smudging
  • NFC one-tap printing is not useful

2. Canon PIXMA G2200 Megatank All-In-One Printer

The Canon PIXMA G2200 Megatank All-In-One Printer also works as a copier and scanner. It can print up to 6,000 monochrome and 7,000 color pages with each ink bottle.

This Megatank printer uses a continuous ink supply system that takes the place of up to 30 ink cartridges. That means you don’t clutter your home or office with a lot of spent ink cartridges over time.

It also has an auto document feeder.

Rating and reviews

The Canon PIXMA G2200 Megatank All-In-One Printer has an average rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

People love how this printer allows them to save both on ink and the cost per page. Others say that it works as advertised and that it has good print quality.

Others say that the ink does last longer than traditional cartridges.

However, if you do encounter problems in setting it up or in using this printer, then you are up for a stressful ride. Canon’s website is far from being intuitive, so finding information on how to troubleshoot your device might take a while.

Others warn interested buyers that for best results, you should also use Canon photo paper with this printer.


  • Megatank system allows you to say goodbye to ink cartridges
  • Great photo and document print quality
  • Significant savings from your ink cost


  • No wireless connectivity

3. HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Compact Printer

Epson and Brother have a whole range of ink tank printers, and they have pretty much cornered the market. Most of the better printers still use traditional ink cartridges.

If you cannot save on the consumables, how about saving on the printer itself? The HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Compact Printer is a suitable choice for those who are looking for a budget printer.

Costing just a fraction of even the most affordable Epson EcoTank model, this printer doesn’t scrimp on the features. For one, it is an all-in-one inkjet printer, copier, and scanner.

It also works with Airprint and other wireless printing platforms.

Another benefit of choosing the HP Deskjet 2622 is its compact size. This printer measures only 11.97 inches by 16.74 inches by 5.87 inches.

It weighs only 7.5 pounds. You can put it just about anywhere.

Rating and reviews

The HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Compact Printer gets an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Verified buyers love how affordable this printer is, yet they can print, scan, and copy with just one device. They also like the wireless printing feature.

However, some reviewers do point out the tradeoff between price and performance — this printer prints only 7.5 monochrome pages and 5.5 color pages per minute.

Others point out that this printer is only compatible with official inks coming from HP.


  • Affordable all-in-one printer
  • Compact footprint
  • Good print quality for its price


  • Slow print speeds
  • Uses traditional ink cartridges
  • Only accepts official ink cartridges

Takeaways from This Epson EcoTank Printer Review

When choosing a new printer, you should always consider how costly it will be to use in the long run. You should buy a printer that has excellent print quality while also helping you save. The cost per page should be reasonable, without sacrificing the quality that you get for both documents and photos.

As this Epson EcoTank printer review points out, this printer delivers. It not only gives you the most vibrant images but also sharp and clear documents. You don’t even have to worry about ink cartridges, as this printer has a tank that holds enough ink to last you two years.

After reading this Epson EcoTank printer review, have you decided to buy it? Or are you going for one of the alternatives we mentioned here? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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